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Digital Marketing Certified

I have been accredited by Google for their Digital Marketing Certificate and Shaw Academy for their Diploma in Digital Marketing (Distinction). 
Digital Marketing is wholly quantifiable, it is cost-effective and through detailed analysis, companies have the ability to laser target their customers and potential customers.  

Social Media

Many companies engage in social media and believe that posting regularly will mean that your message is being heard loud and clear.  Nothing could be further from the truth and unless you are providing engaging content, managing and SPENDING money on your social media platforms, it simply will not work for you as a cost-effective marketing tool.  


I have in-depth knowledge of  how to use social media as a powerful marketing tool to build your brand and engage with your community.  Take a look at my work for Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors and Community Care Choice.

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Many companies also wonder why they have 10,000 followers on Facebook but hardly anyone likes their posts?  Facebook make their millions through advertising and companies need to pay to make sure that their social media content is seen on the news feed of the people who like or who might potentially like their page. 


Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective means of laser targeting potential customers.  I have the knowledge to manage and deliver social media messages which resonate, engage and build your community.

In the past 12 months alone, I have delivered 2.5 million impressions (the number of pairs of eyes who have seen news about a company or brand in their social media feeds).  Clients receive monthly analytics of their social media performance, giving them the ability to see exactly who is engaging with their company and can also use the analytics to finely tune future marketing campaigns.  

Social Media Training

I provide one-to-one or company-wide social media training.  I teach the basic principles of social media, guide you on content for your audience to increase engagement and will advise on the best social media creation tools to help you manage your social media platforms cost-effectively.  


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(SEO) Search Engine Optomisation

Search Engine Optimisation changes on a daily basis and there are categorically no shortcuts to success.   To rank, companies must engage in a long-term strategy of unique and interesting content, a good outward and inward linking strategy and effective use of Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to optimise your site for search.  Contact TW Communications to find out how I can help your company appear in Google search.

Content Marketing

Simply put, content marketing is a strategic marketing technique to connect, engage and grow target audiences awareness of your brand through providing unique and highly relevant information via digital marketing channels, for example, blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy for all companies who want to connect with their target audiences whilst gaining a reputation for thought leadership and a trusted source of relevant information.

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Email Marketing

Email is by far the most commonly used digital marketing platform to reach target audiences.  I work with clients to build relevant email databases and create unique content via email marketing newsletters using a specific ESP (Email Service Provider).  

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, targeted and shareable digital marketing tools available to all organisations.  I deliver the correct guidance and the right messages to ensure your business benefits from a robust email marketing strategy.

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