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Public Relations

PR has the ability to influence and shape a company’s image and reputation. I have a proven track record of delivering connected campaigns which are disseminated across all relevant online and offline platforms.

Crisis Issue & Management

I provide timeous and relevant responses to ensure that my clients’ reputation is managed with skill across all communication touch points.

My previous experience with Ryanair, Scottish Citylink and various NHS Trusts underpins my ability to deliver connected and speedy responses across all offline and online media channels.  


Scottish Ambulance Service NHS Trust

I was responsible for developing and implementing the public consultation campaign for the Scottish Ambulance Service to achieve Trust status. Facing a great deal of public negativity towards the proposition, I successfully developed a campaign throughout Scotland which had, at its core, transparency of how the service would operate as a Trust.


This campaign proved to be pivotal in successfully influencing public opinion through a strategic marketing campaign which included public question and answer sessions, targeted marketing materials and creating local and national media opportunities for spokespeople to address issues and concerns in relevant publications.

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Drivers Jonas Deloitte, Scotland

I was responsible for building the brand for Drivers Jonas in Scotland for over 12 years, (part of the Global Deloitte Consulting Group).   When the pr campaign first started, Drivers Jonas was rarely mentioned in the press and had no relationship with key commercial property commentators. In my time with Drivers Jonas, I became a key member of the team on advising and executing specific public relations and marketing campaigns.


From a position of zero recognition for their brand or their expertise, I successfully changed that perception and Drivers Jonas became one of the key media contacts in the commentators in the commercial property market in Scotland.



When low cost airlines were beginning to infiltrate the Scottish commercial airline market, I was appointed by Ryanair to introduce to the Scottish market the phenomenon that is Ryanair.  Working within tight budget constraints, I handled the teaser pr and marketing campaign to build brand awareness, I created and managed the official launch and I went on to deliver pr and marketing for Ryanair in Scotland and the north of England for a further two years.

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